UZMAR in 2016

Noah’s Ark, UZMAR’s Tug

The animal kingdom has been a major source of inspiration for human beings throughout history. From cavemen’s drawings to ancient myths, traces of this inspiration prevail, to which undoubtedly, the legend of Noah’s Arc sets the most outstanding example. As the legend is told, God decides to diminish life on earth in a catastrophic flood to punish human beings. Still, as a devout believer, Noah is given a chance: God orders him to build a boat large enough to hold one male and one female of all animal species. Noah follows this order… and after the flood, his boat goes ashore on Mount Ararat.

We at Uzmar are likewise inspired by the perfect and unique features of the members of the animal kingdom, combining them with cutting edge technologies and aim for perfectness and uniqueness in each and every tug we build.



The Origins of UZMAR

In 1984 the first privately owned pilotage and towage company, UZMAR Shipping Ltd., was founded in Turkey bu seniour Harbour Pilot Capt. Altay Altug, commencing port services in various private ports and harbours on the Aegean Sea, Turkey.

In 1996 UZMAR Shipping Ltd. started to build workboats for its own fleet requirements and later for international markets using compact tug designs from Robert Allan Ltd., an internationally recognized naval architecture company from Vancouver, Canada.

Through the achievement of building numerous tugs and workboats, in 2007 UZMAR established a modern shipbuilding facility at Kocaeli Free Zone, near Istanbul, Turkey with an advanced shipbuilding system of station based serial production method.

The project management is organized by means of Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP (IFS) system which integrates design, planning, production, procurement, warehousing, project coordination and commercial and financial information. Due to the success of UZMAR’s advanced modular building system the shipbuilding facility is referred as ‘Workboat and Tug Factory’.