Our HSE Vision

The Way We Build

The Way UZMAR Works - Zero Harm Workplace.
As a corporate policy UZMAR is undoubtedly dedicated to comply with most stringent local and international Health, Safety and Enviromental standards to ensure that an utmost HSE - compliant building process is achieved, not only for our workers, subcontractors or the social environment, but for our customers as well.


Regarding our human centred approach; it is vital in providing good healthy working&living spaces for our employees; subcontractors and customers.


All the items for safety in Uzmar such as; the risk assessments, periodical trainings, health checks, field exercises, certifications, emergency case management systems, following every legislations, the risk assessments; providing certificated tested safety equipments to every single person in the shipyard etc.  serves only one simple policy: "To provide zero harm workplace"


To be participate in creating a better future not only for shipyard area but also for environment; Uzmar follows latest local and international environment regulations.

Also we believe that improving our environmental skills is a key element for our good reputation.