Listening to Our Customers
UZMAR commercial sales department listens to our customers' specific technical as well as budgetary requirements and assists them to the best of our expertise in selecting the right type and makers of equipment, for their future operational area.

Building Excellence to Your Standards
Every customer's required operational and  ship building standards are unique for UZMAR because our industry increasingly demand workboats and tugs just right for the operational needs and local conditions.  Whether having shallow draft with increased deadweight or speed, better sea keeping ability, higher escort force performance, increased crew comfort needs or propulsion technology of diesel electric or hybrid; UZMAR has a solution for you.

Human-Centered Design for Increased Productivity
UZMAR develops innovative in-house detailed designs of living spaces onboard the tugs integrating the harmony of the crew and the functionality of onboard systems respecting environmental values and positioning the human element in first place with a functional and modern style.

The details of cabins, wet areas, messrooms, wheelhouse and instrument consoles are well planned and studied for each vessel with individual customer. While required, UZMAR innovative design group works in close cooperation with tug captains, crew and their unions in developing individual solutions for crew safety and fatique management.

The result is always the best optimized human-centered spaces free of ergonomic and psychological concerns for increased crew productivity.

On-Line Building Progress Monitoring and Reporting System
In order to reduce Owners' overall inspection costs, UZMAR provide our customers necessary tools which integrates them into their vessel's building program.

By means of intranet communication UZMAR customers monitor the progress of their newbuilding project through the IFS (ERP) software and receive reports of the actual manhours for each workstation, the completion percentage of work activities and specific milestones. The infrastructure of the system is such designed that the data flow is supplied by different departments so that the progress reports are objectively monitored by customers and the UZMAR project managers at the same time.

This on-line tool can be reached by UZMAR customers worldwide and anytime as desired.