In order to draw attention to the importance of climate change in the world and Turkey, UZMAR launches “UZMAR ACT” (Action Climate Team), who will dive under de iceberg and unfurl the UZMAR flag to make a statement to the world.

UZMAR ACT will also carry the UZMAR flag and plant it at glacier’s peak.

The team that will dive under and climb over the icebergs to show us “The world is ours to protect!” and remind us that we need to “ACT NOW, ACT FAST!”

UZMAR ACT will be the first to dive during winter in the region, which the living conditions are very hard as the temperature average is below -45 Celsius. They will show us the wonders of the ice world performing following activities; UZMAR ACT will travel through the glacier valley on sledges in winter with the guidance of native Inuit and document the surroundings. Team will get information from natives about how climate change is already affecting their lives.

UZMAR; known for its cleaner and greener shipbuilding methods and tugboat operation services with maximum environmental protection solutions, invites you to witness this meaningful journey in order to share its environmental policies on low carbon emission with the world!

With UZMAR’s goal to raise more awareness for global warming and climate change, UZMAR ACT will observe the melting speed of glaciers during winter, its effects to natural life under water and above water, and create awareness with the information obtained from the natives.

Team has arrived in Ilulissat on 09.01.2020 and expected to finish their journey on 22.01.2020. You can check the updates and learn more about UZMAR ACT from and share our message with the world.