Detail Engineering Highlights

Composite Shaft

  • Vibration and noise levels are at minimum by using composite shaft.
  • Maintenance and repair is easy.
  • Since there is no bedding when composite shaft is used, overheating is never a problem.

Demountable Platforms

  • No hot processing is required for maintenance and repair.
  • All platforms are made of aluminum for easy maintenance.
  • Between aluminum plate and anchorage pillar, vibration and noise absorbing gaskets are used.

Demountable Handrails

  • Easy maintenance through the demountable handrails around the equipment.

Machine Mounting

  • Each machine has 6 resilient mounts, therefore vibration and noise levels are at minimum.
  • Under the resilient mount, instead of chock fast and epocast, rotachock is used.
  • Therefore if there is an alignment problem occurs in the future, no crushing work is required.
  • Adjustments can easily be made with rotachok.