The first of “UZMAR BusinessLab” events were held between 27-29 September 2019, at Elite World Hotel Sapanca.

UZMAR BusinessLab was held with the participation of department managers and their families of UZMAR Shipyard and organized in two separate notions as meeting and group events.

The management of UZMAR Shipyard had approximately 12 hours of meetings in total, evaluated the projects of 2019 and started a new period by planning future projects and investments.

Sessions were moderated by Planning Manager Arif Volga KAYA and participants were; CEO Mr. A. Noyan ALTUĞ, Vice Chairman Mutlu ALTUĞ and Shipyard Manager Orhan KUM, Design Manager Gökhan KAMER, Purchasing Manager Volkan GÜN, IT Manager İbrahim ÖZDEMİR, Accounting Manager İsmail ÖZDEMİR, Finance Manager Tayfun KARAÜÇ, Project Manager Ömer F. YILMAZ, Project Manager Baran ÖZATLI, Military Projects Coordinator N. Cüneyt FURUNCI, Technical Manager Ali KURT, Production Manager Mahsuni GÜMÜŞ, Quality Control Manager Mehmet ÖZCAN, Maintenance and Investments Manager Galip BAYRAKTAR, Production Chief Engineer Yusuf ADIYAMAN, Human Resources Manager Şükrü TORLAK, Senior Contracts & Projects Managers Ural KAVAKLIOĞLU and Ahmet SOĞUKÇELİK, Business Development Executive Emre ÇAYLAK and Assistant Proposals & Projects Coordinator Rezzan TARÇIN.

In the meetings, new projects and road maps of future investments were drawn, and all managers engaged important decisions setting the targets for 2020 and ahead. Mutlu ALTUĞ, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, underlined that they have achieved a very beneficial communication and decision-making momentum on the agenda within the topics discussed.

He said that they believe not only UZMAR but also the entire sector will benefit from the “UZMAR BusinessLab” format that they will organize in the following periods.

During the weekend event, a paintball tournament was organized among the teams of executives before the gala dinner on the evening of September 28th. The managers and their family members had a very enjoyable time at the tournament, later on, they all met at the gala dinner with the spectacular view of Sapanca Lake.

On Sunday morning, September 29th, the participants enjoyed a trekking tour at Çatalkaya Valley with their families and resumed their meetings following lunch.

UZMAR executives successfully closed all the agenda topics and ended meeting sessions.

A plaque and certification ceremony was held at 17:00 by the presence of all executives and their families.

Participants who were part of the UZMAR family for more than five years or more were given plaques and certificates and other members of the UZMAR family whose working time was less than five years were presented with certificates of achievement.

Following a short video presentation in which participants spoke about their thoughts regarding being a part of UZMAR, UZMAR Chairman A. Noyan ALTUĞ made a final speech, saying: “Yes, the work we do is very big and very important and yes, within terms of business we achieve great success along the way, but the sense of belonging, feeling like a whole family with our workers, engineers, management, and families is one of the biggest and most important achievements for all of us.”