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Station Based Serial Production

From the beginning of the project to the end, each work at the vessel has a shop order planned by the Planning Department and a drawing created by the Design Department at the in-house developed SEM ERP system.


Production Department is responsible for completing shop orders by using the materials described by design.


During the production, responsible foremen enter the man-hour and completing percentage data of each shop order at the ERP system. If there are nonconformities about drawings or materials, responsible foremen and engineers use change request system and create nonconformity reports. These reports are closed at the system by the creator when the problems are solved.


This circle continues at each station, generates the “Station Based Serial Production Method” that UZMAR efficiently uses at each project.



  • ST.02 – Single Parts Production Station
  • ST.04 – Prefabrication Station
  • ST.03 – Components Production Station
  • ST.05 – Plate Panels Production Station
  • ST.06 – Section Production Station
  • ST.08 – Main Section Production Station
  • ST.48 – Outfitting Production Station
  • ST.09 – Block Outfitting Station
  • ST.50 – Paint Hall Station
  • ST.12 – Erection
  • ST.15 – Quay

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